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Reasons You Need An Online Member Portal

What kind of online experience do you offer your members? Efficiency and convenience govern our preferences in this digital age, where information at our fingertips is becoming an expectation rather than a bonus. A member portal on your website is a fantastic way to ramp up your member engagement; and it has plenty of benefits for you, too!Let your members book into classes, PT sessions and even childcare from anywhere, at any time. Allow your members a new sense of freedom to make their fitness a priority in their life.Your member wants to try something new? No worries! Make it easy for your members to sign up for boot camp, buy a concession pass or renew their membership.Embed your online portal into your own website, in your own style and colors. When it comes to design, consistency is key. When it comes to administration, less is best and with GymERP, the online portal automatically updates the schedule directly from the software. Easy!

Improving the conversion process:
Online enquiries are a safe way for non members to express interest in your facility. Track their information into your lead system for your team to follow up with a friendly personalized phone call, or invite them in for a tour.
By gaining more information online, you can utilize the data to measure your market for future marketing promotions, too.
Even better, they can convert themselves!:
Your leads do their research online; why not let them sign up and set up their payments online, too?

Reducing your administration time even further:
Contact details change, it's inevitable. Allowing your members the ability to update their contact information ensures maximum engagement from your end and means they don't have to call up or try and remember when they hit the gym next.

  • Reasons You Need An Online Member Portal
  • 05 Jul 2019
  • Gym Management Software

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